Sheepspin- You Can Take It Anywhere!

First off, I want to wish all my readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I had a great New Year’s Eve. My person and I stayed up til midnight…well, I did, she fell asleep at 10:00…but she did give it a good try. Anywho…. I must tell you about my latest find. Yes, it’s so exciting….so fluffy….I can hardly contain my excitement!!!!!!!

I know what you’re thinking… JUST TELL US ALREADY!!!! Never fear, I’m not only going to tell you, but I’m going to show you!

I know what you’re thinking, “Sassy, why are you curled up in a box?” The answer is .. Because that box is full of Sheepspin!!!!! Yes, you heard correctly


Now some of you may be wondering what “Sheepspin” is, and why it’s so great? Let me tell you, Sheepspin is…well…it’s…it’s this AMAZING white fluffy stuff that once you smell it and touch it….oh my goodness!!!….let’s just say you’ll want to jump in a box full of it and fall asleep too!

Why is it so great? That’s an easy answer….BECAUSE YOU CAN TAKE IT ANYWHERE!!!!!!!!!

You can play with it anywhere….

And after you have a WONDERFUL day of playing with it, licking it to death, rolling around with it, and carrying it everywhere, you can bring it home to sleep on it in front of the heater…

I don’t normally do New Years Resolutions, but I’ve decided to make an exception this year. My New Year’s Resolution…Tell everyone about SHEEPSPIN!!!!!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New YEAR!!!

I wanted to say thank you to all of you who have read my blog this year. We’ll be taking a small break to enjoy the Holidays. Be sure to come back on January 10, 2019 for a new story!


A REAL Christmas Tree (Part 2)

Person. you have to listen to me! This is NOT a real tree!

“Sassy, I know you like trees, but you can’t climb this tree like you would one that’s outside.”

Well of course, because a real tree is way easier to climb than this one.

“I don’t want all the ornaments to break and the light to come off.”

I do like those lights…but that’s beside the point. Why on earth would you bring a ….a …well, a not real tree in here and….

“I know it’s not a real tree Sass, but…”

WAIT….WAIT….You mean you intentionally bought a not real tree and brought it into our house…WHY?!?!

Sometimes my human confuses me so much! What on earth would posses a person to pay money for something that is fake!

“Well, when someone gives you something you take it and say Thank -you. Does that make sense Sass?”

Oooooooh, I see.

After my person explained that to me, I understood. You see at the Theodore Kitty School, that’s a big thing that is taught…Thankfulness. Even though it may not be exactly what you had wanted; someone out of the kindness of their heart bought or made something with you in mind, and you should be thankful, for whatever it is they give you.

“So, are you going to jump on the tree and knock all the ornaments fall off?

No, I won’t…


I mean it I promise.

“Good Kitty.”

Can I stare at the lights though? They’re so PRETTY!!!

“Of course.” My person said laughing.

I ran over jumped on her lap and starting licking her face….


A REAL Christmas Tree (Part 1)

Christmas….  My person get’s very excited about Christmas. There’s this music she plays all the time and she sings along,  and …I’m sorry, I’m getting sidetracked.

Umm…oh yes, Christmas… She put’s these things called decorations everywhere in the house.  She also put’s this thing up that she calls a tree and put’s little lights all over it. They’re so pretty I just can’t help but stare at them! But anywho, I’m not here to talk about the lights, or the music, it’s the TREE.  

It’s my job to make sure everything in the house safe secure.  I was doing this one day, when I saw what my person called a tree, but it was NOT a real tree! I went around to every branch on the bottom of tree and inspected it. Do you know what! Not one “branch” was a real branch! Let me tell you, I’ve climbed a fair share of trees in my life so I know what a REAL tree is supposed to look like!  Feel like! Smell like!

I then climbed up on the different branches of the tree and I was about at the top when…

“Sassy! What are you doing!?”

What do you mean what am I doing?

“Get down from there right now!”

I ran down the tree, Did you know that this isn’t a real tree!!!! Someone totally lied to you!

“Sassy, you can’t be climbing the Christmas tree.”

You’re missing the point…this is not a REAL tree!!!!

White Rain

My person, I love her dearly, but sometimes I really truly ….how do you say this…ummm…well I worry about her. She’ll say the strangest things. I often wonder if she should drink more coffee…but  anywho the other day she made the strangest comment. Well, maybe it will be better if I just tell you what happened.

You all know how much I “love” snow…NOT!!!! I know,  I know,  yes I’m from Cody, WY, yes, I was literally born in a barn, but I like being WARM! My person says she likes the snow, she likes to shovel the snow…once again I love you, but you’re CRAZY!!!!!

Anywho, back to the crazy thing she said….It all happened one Friday morning….

It started off with the usual morning routine: the alarm thing going crazy, then the coffee, you get it…

I ran to the window to check what the weather was outside. I jumped up into the window and I went NOOOOO!!!! I leaped out of the window and ran over to my person,

Why does it ALWAYS snow!?!?!?!?!

“What’s that Sassy?”

Why does it snow so much!!!!

“Oh Sass, that’s not snow.”

What do you mean it’s not snow?

“It’s not snow Sass.”

Ok, you need to drink more coffee.

“It’s not snow Sass, it’s just white rain,” she said with this funny smile on her face

It’s what?!

“That’s right, it’s just white rain.”

I had to get right in my person’s face and make sure she was ok. Do you know what she did? She just started laughing!  Snow is no laughing matter! It’s FREEZING!!!!

Person, I don’t care what you say, that snow is snow, not white rain.



BEST TOY EVER!!!!!! (Part 2)

I know it’s been  a bit, and there’s been a lot of food between now and the last time I wrote. I hope each and everyone of you had a great Thanksgiving…I know I did!



Anywho…let’s see I left off with…what was it? Oh yes, the green fluffy thing….


I ran over to Shannon’s Sister….

What is this Fantastic THING!!!!!!!!

I just had to inspect it again! I ran over to it laying on the floor. It was very long, and it appeared that there was a bunch of feathers all stuck together on a string. The colors though…there was just something about all the pretty colors on it. I just wanted to stare at them FOREVER!!!!!

As I was staring at it, it came to life again!!!

AAhhh…no one don’t come back here! I’m going to get you!

Up in the air I jumped ! High as I could!

Come back here!

It flew up to the front room.

I will get you! I yelled as I slid up to the front room after it.

I watched very carefully as it swayed through the air.

Where are you going?

All of a sudden, it landed on the pillows..ATTACK!!!!

I leaped up onto the pillows and grabbed the fluffy thing with all four paws. It was so soft and fluffy I just had to hug it!

“Well it looks like you really like that Sassy?” Shannon’s sister said laughing.

Are you kidding me?! This is the BEST TOY EVER! Thank you so much for getting this for me!!! It’s almost better than Chicken!

Yes, you read that right, this toy is almost better than chicken!

Thanksgiving Break!

cff1be9cd7b803d4a9996692beaba30fHappy Thanksgiving to all of my readers! My person and I are very thankful for each and every one of you. We will be taking a break this week and next week from writing…you should see all of this food I have to inspect for Thanksgiving. It’s gonna take me two weeks to get through all of it!

Anywho…I hope you all have a fun and safe Thanksgiving. Be sure to come back  November 29th for The Best Toy Ever! (Part 2).