Water and Kittys (Part 1)

It had been a little bit since I had seen my person, and I was starting to get worried. What if I she didn’t like me, what if I wasn’t off for bigger adventures…..I was about to have a panic attack while eating breakfast when all of a sudden, someone picked me up! I looked around to see if it was my person, but it wasn’t!!!!!!

What are you doing with me? Where’s my person? Who are YOU?!

We went from the barn, across the backyard, and into the house. I had never been in the house before, What is going on?

Then all of a sudden the person handed me to someone else, I looked up half afraid to see who was holding me now, but then I looked up, There you are, my person!!!! You didn’t forget about me!

Can I go with you? Can we go on adventures?  I was asking her so many questions and then I realized, she’s not answering me, Oh my goodness, my person doesn’t speak kitty yet! Well, that’s ok,  I thought, I’ll teach you.

I was quite content being held when my person looked down at me and said, “Ok Kitty, I’m gonna take you home with me, are you ready to go for a ride?” Yes! I meowed, but she didn’t understand.

What happened next, was probably the most traumatic thing that has ever happened to me.

“Ok Kitty, we’re going to give you a bath before I take you home with me.” Then I’ll make sure your nice and dry and warm.”

Bath? What is a bath?

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