Water and Kitty’s (Part 2)

Bath? I’ve never heard this word before…

The next thing I knew, my person was holding me and carried over to this big white thing, and set me down.

OK, this big white thing is a bath?  Kinda strange, but OK, not bad.

The next thing that happened was so horrifying that it actually still scares me to write about it. I heard this noise that I’d heard once in the barn when the big animals got water to drink, and then…I was covered in water!!!!! I was so scared and wet I couldn’t even say anything!!!!

Is this a BATH!!!!! WHO WOULD USE SUCH TORTURE !!!!!!! 

I was so wet, I didn’t even know where to begin to try and dry myself off. But that’s not where the torture ends my dear reader…oh no it’s not. My person had stopped the water, and I thought, All right, that’s over, but then, my person put this other stuff on me, that smelled kinda good, and she rubbed it all over me OK, that’s not too bad. It’s kinda wet, but not like the water. But then…The water came back on, and she put me under it AGAIN!!! The good smelling stuff started coming off!!! What are you doing? I kinda liked that stuff!

Alright, I haven’t said anything until now, but a Kitty can only take so much! It’s time to bring out the “Tuff Kitty” (Yes, that’s how a Kitty spells Tough) 

While I liked my person she had gone too far! I gave her the Tuffest Kitty eyes I could, which the Kitty code says to only use on dogs, but this was an extreme case!

Do you know what happened?…. The eyes worked. My person stopped that water, and that was that.

Then my person picked me up in this nice fluffy blue thing. “How’s that Kitty? Let’s get you all dried off. Do ya like the nice warm towel?”

Towel, is that what this blue thing is? Yes I like this, we can just stay here for a little bit.

As my person held me this towel, I told her, I’m sorry for giving you the Tuff Kitty eyes, but, well, you deserved it. Let that be a lesson to you, no more of that bath thing, and I’ll try to never give you the eyes again.

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