The Kernel (I mean The Kennel)

After that whole bath thing, I was ready to go. I had heard my person say some words I didn’t recognize, one of them was kernel, wait no, I think it was kennel. Yes, it was kennel. My person had picked me up and asked me, “Are you ready to go to your new home? We have a little bit of a drive, but you’ll have your own kennel and food and warm towel.”

Drive? Kennel? Towel! I like towels! Bring it on, I can do this! I’m ready for this adventure.

Then my person took me into another room and I saw this box thing. “You like it kitty? There’s your very own kennel.” So that’s a kennel. Kind of weird looking, but I think I can grow to like it.” 

My person set me down, and I had to inspect it. If this was mine, I needed to make sure it was up to KIS (kitty inspection standards). I smelled the outside first, nothing weird there, then my person opened this funny door, and there it was…my very own fluffy towel!!!!! I had to roll all over that and let it know that we were going to be the best of friends. And then…then…I saw it….my very own little box of dirt!!!!! Oh my goodness, I had never had my very own box of dirt! I mean what more could a Kitty ask for! I ran out of the kennel and brushed all against my person.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

I think this is going to work. Ok, I’m ready, lets go to my new home.

My person then picked me up, petted me, put me on my fluffy towel in the kennel, shut the funny door, and we were off to my new home.   



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