The Drive Home

What’s going on? Why is that door shutting?What…What! Why are we moving!!!

I’m getting ahead of myself, let me just say for the record, what I’m going to tell you about today was not as bad as…the bath. That is a horrible, cruel thing and no kitty should be a part of.  Ok, where should I start? Let’s see, my little box…

So my person showed me my own little box, remember the towel? I LOVE my towel. I’m pretty sure they were one of the best things ever invented, besides having you own little box of dirt, I never have to go outside again!!!! FYI, I like dirt, but not that grass stuff.

Sorry, I’m getting off track…I was in my little box and all of a sudden my person shut the weird little door! What!  then she picked up my entire box and started walking!!! What! where are we going? Then after a brief panic I heard my person say, “You ready kitty? We’re going to your new home.”

New home? I’m so excited!!!!!!Adventure, here I come!!!!! Next thing I new, I was in, what I’ve been told, by the family dog, is a truck. My person got in, but in front of me, and the whole thing started moving! What’s going on?What…What! Why are we moving!!! Then, oh my goodness, I don’t think I have ever been a part of so many curves back and forth in my life! I did NOT like this whole drive thing at first. It was everything the family dog had told me about! But, you know, after a little bit, it was kind of like someone was rocking you to sleep. You know what happened, I fell asleep!

I had just woken up and I tried to ask my person if we were at my new home, but I don’t think she quiet spoke fluent kitty yet. After asking Are we there yet? for a little bit, she finally said, “We’re almost home kitty, we are just pulling into Jackson Hole.” After a lot of stop and go, we finally stopped for good. My person turned off the truck, got out, and got me out. It was so nice and cool!!! I heard the birds, and the wind, and I thought, This is the life. I think I’m going to really like my new home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and I couldn’t wait to see what adventures were going to happen.

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