The Dark Things…

My person set my box down and opened the door..”Here you go kitty, here’s your new home. Come on, come out, it’s ok.”

I stepped out very carefully, because the KGTNH (Kitty Guide To a New Home) says to be cautious when in new places.  Do you know how that ground felt???? Do you? Well let me tell you, it was AMAZING! It was so soft and fluffy. It was like I was stepping out onto a million blue towels! I began to roll all over in it and THEN…I rolled up right and oh my goodness! I saw…I saw….the dark things on the ground!!!!

There were so many of them moving around trying to get me and my person, I immediately moved into kitty attack mode and pounced on as many as I could! While I was fiercely attacking and protecting me and my person, I heard her laughing. I stopped and stared at her (all the while I kept a side glare to see if I needed to attack again) Why are you laughing? This is no laughing matter. Do you see how many dark things on the ground are trying to get you and me? It’s a good thing…ATTACK!…. She laughed again.  You brought me home with you when you did, because,… ATTACK! …You could have been a gonner without me…. ATTACK!

There were just so many of them, I couldn’t believe how unsecured this home was! While I was fighting so hard to secure the house, I saw a streak of color fly through the air and I froze…What?!  That’s the  leader of the dark things! ATTACK!!!!! I leaped through the air after it again and again. I climbed up on to something tall and jumped after it. I did it again and again. Then after much fighting, it laid there dead! My person was so thankful, that she came over and picked me up and hugged me. I’m not very big on hugs, or being picked up, but I figured I would make an exception just this once. “You’re such a silly kitty.” What is she talking about? It’s like she didn’t even know what danger I had saved her from. Oh well, I guess it’s better that way. 

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