The Morning

After a restful night in my box, I woke up to this smell…a really, really good smell. My person was still sleeping, so I called to her quietly, cause  that’s how the KGTNH said to do it,  Hey, hey, what’s that’s smell? Person, Person, Person? By that time, I was starting to get worried. You ok? Person? 

Then, all of sudden… this horrible loud noise went off!!! WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!! Oh my goodness stop it….PERSON!!!!!!!!! TURN THAT OFF!!!!!!! Praise God she heard it. That was AWFUL!!!! My person got out of bed, kind of slowly, then went over and I saw her pouring something…OOOOOHHHHH!!!!!! that’s the good smelling stuff!

What is that? It smells so good! Can I have some?  She looked over at me, “Hey Kitty, good morning. How are you doing? Never mind how I’m doing, the smelly stuff, I want to try some of that!  “Let’s get you out of there and give you some food.” Food is good, but, the smelly stuff! That’s what I want. You are really going to have to learn to speak kitty, person.

She gave me some food and water, and then she went into this other room, and I heard water running. I went to investigate, but there was a wall and I couldn’t get in.  Well, I’ll make sure the house is secure out here. I began to walk around my new home. I liked it. It wasn’t as big as the barn, but it was nice.  I made my way over to the thing my person slept in, and tried to get up on it, but it was too tall for me. I am small for my age. That wasn’t going to stop me though, so I went under it. Do you know what I found?… An endless supply of tunnels! This was better than the hay!!!! I was careful at first, a kitty could get lost in there. Does it ever end?????  I headed into the tunnels, and then I heard, “Kitty? Kitty? Where are you?” My person needs me! I got out of the tunnels as fast as I could, “There you are Kitty!” She was putting something on her paws that she walks on, so I told her about the tunnels,  Do you know about the tunnels?!  They go on forever! This is better than the barn! Oh thank you, thank you for bringing me here, this is going to be great! 

“All right Kitty, are you ready to go to work?” She has to learn kitty, it was like she wasn’t listening to me. Wait…Work, I have a job, I’m your security force, what are you talking about?  “All right let’s go.” She put me in my box, we went to the truck, and we were off to this…”work.”



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