“Work”… “Shop”…”Stealth Kitty”

The truck stopped, the door opened, and into “work” I went.  There was so much noise! What goes on in this place?! Work is noisy! My person took me out of my box and I saw things I had never seen before!

There were tall things, short things, small things, big things…so many things!!!!! and people that were so much taller than my person… My person just stood there holding me, which I don’t normally like that, but I made and exception. The other people just kept talking to her, and I kept looking around. The place was so big, now I know why she called it “work.”

I tried to tell my person, Do you know how hard it is going to be for me to keep this place secure!!! 2 Huge Windows… 2 Huge doors…2 Huge Rooms…not to mention all the things lying around here that need to be inspected. It’s going to take me forever to do the preliminary security  check! Not to mention I bet none of these people speak Kitty. There are 1,2,3… there are 5 people plus you…Six people to teach kitty to!!!! 

I was telling my person this, while I was having a kitty panic attack, and she started laughing! I looked up, and do you know what…she wasn’t even paying attention to me.

Because I am a polite kitty, I patted her with my paw, Hey, hey, person, down here. She stopped talking, and looked at me, FINALLY!!!! “What is it Kitty?”  Can you please put me down so I can start to inspect this place?  “Do you like the shop? Shop? I thought we were at Work? Ooohhh “The Shop” is this work’s name. Yes I like the shop, can you please put me down…

Unfortunately, my person’s “Kitty” is not perfect, so she didn’t put me down, but that was a good thing.  Because, something caught my eye, THEY”RE BACK!!!!!!! THE DARK THINGS FOLLOWED US TO THE SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I leaped from my person’s arms and started attacking the DARK THINGS! They were everywhere in the front room… then I chased them to the back room….aaahhh there’s to many of them. Must…get…them…all….ATTACK!!! Right as I was attacking, my person picked me up What are you doing put me down!  “Come on Kitty, let’s set you in here for a little bit, until you get used to all the noises in the Shop.”

My person put me in this huge box, with a massive fluffy towel, some food, water, and a box of funny looking dirt.  At first I was not happy, but then I thought, Well, maybe this is better for now, I may need to rest for a minute and figure out a better plan of attack for securing this shop and destroying the Dark Things. I needed more organization. I needed to become what the KGTNH talked about that some Kitties need to become…a Stealth Kitty. 


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