The Tunnel and The Dark Things

Let’s see, I left off at….oh yes, I had fallen asleep in my big box..curled up in my nice fluffy towel. I don’t know how long I was out, but I felt much better. I let my person know I was awake, and I very politely asked her to could get me out. You know what, she is a quick leaner of “Kitty,” because she came right over and picked me up.

Thank you for picking me up, but now I need to find where the dark things hid in the shop. They really are quite dangerous mainly because, well…I have no idea what they are. 

My person was holding and petting me, and I was able to see all that was going on in the shop. The place seemed to be completely secure, and then I saw  the tunnels…there were long tunnels.  I hadn’t seen tunnels like that since the barn…oohh they looked like fun. Then…oh my goodness…then…I saw the DARK THINGS! I leaped out of my persons arms and was off into the tunnels.

I will get you Dark Things, you can’t hide from me!

I raced up and down the tunnels chasing the dark things, I had to keep the shop safe. I ran up and down forever, chasing the dark things. My person and the others, just went on working and talking, they had no idea the danger was so close to them..when…THEY GOT ME!!!!!! The dark things made the tunnels close in on me….HELP!!!! PERSON!!!! THEY GOT ME!!!!!!!

My person swooped in just in time to save me…she really is getting better at speaking “Kitty.”

Thank you, Thank you!!!! That’s it, it’s time to get down to business on my stealth kitty training. Those Dark Things will not get the best of me ever again. I will defeat them! 

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