My Name is…

Many of you might be wondering, how did I get my name? The KGTNH talks about this.  “Sometimes when you go to a new home, your person will change your name. If this happens, it’s ok. Just go with it. It’s usually easier to just go with a new name instead of trying to tell your new person what your name is. Remember your new person may not speak Kitty fluently yet.”

Up until now my person had just called me “Kitty.” Which I suppose isn’t terrible, but I really wanted her to know my name was Sassy. On the truck ride home I tried to figure out how to tell her, but I was coming up empty. While her Kitty was improving, she was definitely NOT fluent.

We got home, and I could hear other people outside the truck. My person got out and there was a very small person standing there.

“Hey Luke, what’s up?” my person said.

“Can I see your kitty?” this Luke said.

“Sure! Come around to the other side of the truck”

This Luke came around, and my person opened my box door and he began to pet me. I like this Luke, I told my person I think he’s owned a kitty before. We Kittys have a seven sense about these sort of things…and yes it’s a seventh sense, dogs have a sixth sense.

This Luke and my person talked a bit, and I realized, This is my chance! If I’m right and Luke has had a kitty, chances are I can tell him my name and he could tell my person!!!! 

I didn’t know how long it had been since he had spoken Kitty, so I figured I would start simple and I started saying the word name over and over. It took a little bit, but finally Luke said, “What’s your kitty’s name?”

“Well, I haven’t figured out a good name for her yet.”

By this time I stood up in my box and was trying to get Luke’s attention. I was jumping around and turning in circles trying to get him to look at me.

“She’s crazy,” Luke said. She kind of reminds me of that Kitty on that one movie…you know the one with the kitty and two dogs.” What was he talking about!?! And what’s a movie?! By this time, I kept saying my name over and over hoping he could understand me. Sassy, Sassy, my name is SASSY!  I had about given up when I heard Luke say,

“You know, um…. Sassy, the kitty’s name was Sassy.”

GLORY HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Luke does speak Kitty!!!!!  THANK YOU LUKE!!!!!!!

“Sassy,” my person said, “I kind a like it.”

My person picked me up and asked me, “Well Sassy, what do you think? Do you like the name Sassy?”

I put my paws on her face and began to lick her. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!

“I think we have a winner Luke, good name. I’ll call her, Sassy.


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