Paperwork 101

At the shop there are so many things to do. There’s security, inspection of everything that comes in, people to take care of, and then there is the paperwork.

This paperwork was all new to me, but Anne is teaching me (I’m not really sure who Anne is, but she’s there everyday and is always doing this paperwork) I guess it’s something that is special to the shop, I’m not really sure. All I know is paperwork is alot of FUN! I really like helping with it, and I’m becoming very good at it.

From what I can tell, there’s 3 main things you have to do with paperwork.

  1. Stay on top of it.
  2. Sort
  3. Sleep…Moral Support.

That’s where I started learning how to do paperwork…by staying on top of it. Really, it’s not very hard, humans just need someone to help them stand on top of it…so that’s what I do, till they move me to #2…Sorting. That has to be my favorite part of paper work.

The sorting part is when humans throw the paper on the floor and then you scatter it all over for them. When I say scatter, I mean you need to take that paper and run through it, shove it everywhere, and then carry it all over the room. I’m becoming very good at it. Anne even told my person that I did a great job!

Now, for those of you reading this who have never done paperwork, it makes you really tired. So, I sleep after I sort, but apparently humans call sleeping, “moral support.”

I didn’t know this until I jumped up on the chair Anne was sitting on and I laid down behind her to fall asleep. Just before I fell asleep all the way I heard, my person come in and asked Anne where I was.

“Oh Sassy has  been helping me do paperwork.”


“Yep, she’s been a big help. She helped me get on top of it by sorting it all for me and is giving great moral support now.”

“Oh that’s good.”


Moral support? What is she talking about? Silly Anne, I’m trying to fall asleep. I’ve never heard of this moral support, but to all kitties out there…apparently that’s what humans call sleeping.

I’m not really sure why humans do paperwork, it just seems like it makes a big mess to me, but then again, this shop is kinda strange, but ALOT of fun!



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