I’m NOT going…there’s white stuff!!!

I know, I’m a kitty from Wyoming.  I’m a very tuff kitty too. However, have any of you ever seen all this white stuff we get here! Let me tell you, we get tons of it, and it’s COLD!!!! I do not like being cold. My person has this thing that blows out nice warm air…and…well it’s my favorite.

Anywho…mouse trail…sorry about that. I want to tell you about my first experience with this white stuff…

It started out like any other day, with that awful noise maker thing going off, the coffee being made, morning food, and I went on window patrol. I jumped up in the first big window and I couldn’t believe my eyes…there was little white things falling from the sky everywhere!!! I jumped out of the window and ran to my person…

What is that! Did you see! There’s all these little white things falling from the sky and they’re covering everything!!!

“Did you see the snow Sassy?”

“Snow, is that what those white things are?”

I jumped back up in the big window, stared at the snow there, then I jumped down and ran to the other window to see if it was snowing in that window too…

It’s snowing in both windows!…Oh my Goodness!!!! It’s everywhere! 

I kept looking out both windows to make sure it wasn’t going away, and it didn’t!

“All right Sassy, are you ready to go?”

I jumped out of the window and asked , Is this snow cold?  My person didn’t answer me, she’s still learning her kitty, but I noticed she was putting extra of my favorite wool blankets in my box.

Oh no, it is cold isn’t it!

I ran under the thing she sleeps on.  If that stuff is cold, I’m not going…you know I don’t like the cold. There’s absolutely nothing you can do to make me go and that’s that!

I heard the door open and then shut, I poked my head out. My person was out there without me in that snow! I jumped up in the window. She was flinging the stuff everywhere.

What on earth is she doing?????

Then she started the truck up, and came back inside. Her walking paws were covered with snow! I went over to see if the snow was actually cold , WOW!!!

“OK Sassy, you ready to go?”

What!!!! Are you kidding me! That stuff is freezing! I’m not going out there!

I decided it was time to show her, that I’m putting not just one, but all four of my paws down, standing my ground and not…Hey, what are you doing?! Put me down!

Next thing I knew I was in my box and we were outside with the snow. Oh it was cold! I snuggled under the extra wool. It took forever to get to the truck, but once we did, it was so nice and warm in there!

Well, that wasn’t too terrible I guess. Hopefully this snow won’t stay too long…


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