I Love Thanksgiving!!!!!

My person and I take a lot of trips in the truck. I usually try to rest up while I ride. It’s very exhausting trying to keep my person safe.

On this particular trip, I’m pretty sure I lost one of my lives. When I woke up, my person was gone!!!!!! And I was in this weird room, but my box door was open….

Holy mouse! Where is she? Ok, Sassy, calm down, think. What did the KGTNH say about situations like this? Think… Oh that’s right, “Secure your current place. Then sniff and listen.” Ok… room is secure… and there are our things..Where is my person?

I listened, and I heard her!  I’m going in! Wow this is a long dark hallway! I prepared myself for the worst. What if the Dark Things had gotten her!

I really didn’t know what to think. I went into stealth kitty mode, I got down as close to the floor as I could and cautiously crawled down the hallway. Then I saw her! She was laughing! I was so excited to see her I ran, over jumped up onto the thing she was sitting on.

“Hey Sassy, you decided to wake up! How are you doing?”

HOW AM I DOING? You terrified me!!!!! I thought the Dark Things had taken you and…

Then I heard someone say something behind me and then they picked me up! I turned to see who it was..

Hey there Sassy, do you remember me?” Who are you! And why are you sitting so close to my person!

I then heard more people talking, I turned around…they were EVERYWHERE!!! I jumped out of the persons hands and onto the floor.

WHAT IS GOING ON!!! Where are we and why are there so many people!!!

I quickly secured that room. Then I went back in the middle to make sure my person was still there. She was, and I jumped up on her lap.

I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but where in the world are we! I think I’m down one life! I’m to young to lose a life!

“It’s OK Sassy, you remember these people. This is were you used to live. “She then said a bunch of names that frankly are too hard to remember.  I looked around and calmed down a bit, and then I realized that I did kind of remember these people.  As I was trying to remember, I heard the man sitting next to my person say something about “Thanksgiving lunch.” What is Thanksgiving? I love lunch, but what is Thanksgiving? 

I tried to ask my person, but she wasn’t listening, so I went around to every other person in the room and asked them but they obviously didn’t speak kitty well.

Then I smelled something…Oh my goodness! What is that, it smells so amazing!!! 

The next thing I knew that man picked me up, and carried me into the other room. There I saw more food than I had ever seen! Oh it smells so good! Is this what Thanksgiving means? Lots of food! If that’s the case…I LOVE THANKSGIVING!!!! 

The man set me on his lap and my person sat next to him. He put a whole bunch of food on the plate right in front of me. Is that all for me!!! “No Sassy, that’s not for you.” What?! you speak Kitty!!! “Let me get you your food, we have something special for you.” You do!

The man got up and I followed. I have to remember to tell my person I like this man, he speaks Kitty, and he gets me special food for Thanksgiving!

He came back with a plate with all this white stuff on it. “Here you go Sassy, here’s some chicken.” Wow this smells good! I tasted it…WOW!!!!! 

I ran back over to where my person was sitting, jumped up on her lap and told her about how amazing chicken was!

“I think she really likes the chicken,” my person said. I jumped over the man’s lap and said Thank you so so much for the chicken! It’s so great!

“I’m glad you like the chicken, Sassy. Happy Thanksgiving.”

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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