The Shadows

Let me tell you about one of the best days I ever had at the shop.

I was making my usual security check of  the shop in the morning. I was securing the front room while checking to make sure all the “things- people -sit -on” were in their place  when… ATTACK!!!!!! 

The Dark Things decided to show their dark little selves. I tried the best I could to pounce on them, but they kept running from me.

Don’t you hide in those “things- people- sit -on”! I will get you ! You can’t escape today!!!!

I was chasing and getting close to the Dark Things when all of a sudden the back door opened!

What? Who is that!

I ran to the back room and their were some men. I ran over to my person, Who are they?  “Anne, the movers are hear,” my person said. Oh that’s right, those are the people that bring the, “things- people- sit -on”  (I know there’s another name for them, but it’s so hard to remember). I went  over to say hi and greet them, when… ATTACK!!!!!! The Dark things showed their little dark heads. I pounced and turned ..and pounced and turned…and pounced!

As I was saving the movers lives, they began to talk to Anne, when I heard them say, “Oh look she’s attacking the shadows.”  WHAT!!!! The Dark Things have a name!!! The Shadows!!!

I continued to attack “The Shadows” and had stopped some of them, but their was one that was just so sneaky. It kept following the Movers! I was hot on it’s little tale and about it get it when… The Movers stepped on it!!!!

I stopped in amazement…They ..were…defeated. The Shadows were …DEFEATED!!!

I ran over to the Movers to thank them, and you know what..they speak Kitty. One of them bent down, petted me, and said, ” Hey their Sassy. You totally helped us a lot! You’re such a good kitty.”

FINALLY!!!!!! Someone else realized the threat that those Shadows were, and was just as glad as I was that they had been DEFEATED!


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