“Stealth Kitty”

This shop has turned out to be so much work! I’ve learned about so many things since being here: paperwork, shadows.. people paw watching…..                     20160808_115306

…and of course the best spot in the entire shop to be a “Stealth Kitty.”

Now you may be wondering what  a “Stealth Kitty” is.  According to the KGTNH it when, “…a kitty has to take extreme measures to make itself…INVISIBLE.” Fortunately I’m a small kitty for my age, so being a “Stealth Kitty” does come easier. Most times I just flatten myself down on the floor and I disappear, I would say, 98%. However, if I need to disappear 100%, I climb the huge door.

I know what you’re thinking…”Isn’t that dangerous?” Well…yes.

You see, I start out on the floor and get a running start. I run as fast as kitty possible and leap up onto the door… and climb up.

Then I creep across the top of the door and sit in this box. This box is on top of what I’ve heard called a “bookcase.” I’m not really sure what the purpose of that is, all I know is whenever I hear my person say, “It’s over on the bookcase…” people walk over to this thing.

From this bookcase, I can see just about anything in the shop, and can even ATTACK from the air if completely necessary. Let’s face it, sometimes the best way to defend your family, is leaping through the air and landing right on top of thing trying to hurt them.20160817_125942

Anywho…Yes, this is very dangerous, and I do not recommend it for your average kitty or person who has not had advanced training in being a “Stealth Kitty.” However I have been, and I take my job of keeping my person and the shop safe very seriously. People miss so many things, especially my person and people at this shop. Let’s face it, they need me, and expert Stealth Kitty to keep them safe!

IMG_3276 - Copy


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