Kitties and Christmas…Part 1

If you read my post from last week, you know about being a “Stealth Kitty” and climbing doors, and well, doing pretty much doing whatever it is to get the job done.

As I have said before, a good kitty will keep their people safe year round, no matter what. However, there are just certain times of the year, that’s harder than others. Thanksgiving isn’t too bad, but then there’s Christmas!

Now, we Stealth Kitty’s have extra training when it comes to dealing with Christmas. The KGTNH has two whole chapters on it! This was my first encounter with Christmas, and I was ready. You may ask how did you know it was Christmas time? Easy…by what humans call decorations. The KGTNH gives detailed instructions and descriptions on the long string of tree branches called Garland, then there’s the tree humans bring inside (why they do that, I have no idea!), the lights they put all over the tree and garland                      (again..why?), the little shiny things they call ornaments (WHY!!!!), and then all the boxes with paper and string all over them called presents.

Most humans don’t realize this, but as a good Stealth Kitty and Person Protector..all those things have to be inspected and cleared! Do you know how hard that is!!!  

One day my person started with all those things. She started with the garland, and I was on it! She has been getting better at her Kitty, I must admit, she’s catching on better than some humans, Wait, please slow down, I have to inspect ever inch of each garland. Those shadows could be hiding in there, or who knows what else, just waiting to get us. “What do you think Sassy, are they ok to put up?” I’m so proud of you!  I sniffed over every inch of that first piece… It’s ok. ” Why thank you Sassy, you’re such a good kitty. I know, I’m so glad you understand me now. “Alright Sassy, I have one more Garland, do you need to inspect that one too?” Of course, I’ve told you, it all needs to be inspected.  

She then laid that piece on the ground for me to look at. She really has come a long way. “Is it ok?” Yes, you can put that one up too.

She put those up over the windows and then put some ribbon on (which also had been cleared by me), and you know what, it didn’t look half bad. I actually liked it. I was sitting there admiring it, when all of a sudden, there was …a…FLASH!

AAAAHHHH!!!!!! Where did those lights come from! how did they get one there? I ran over to my person, she didn’t seem alarmed at all. How did those lights sneak in there?! The KGTNH said to watch out for the strings of lights that humans add to trees and garland, but there were no separate strings!!!!

Those lights are worse than the shadows!!!! They got right by me, but how???? It was time to go on high alert. I told my person, There’s no need to worry, I’m watching those lights, they aren’t going to get by me again…I’ll show them…

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