Kitties and Christmas…Part 2

…While I was watching those lights,  in came the tree. Why humans put trees up in their house, I’m really not sure.

Excuse me, I need to check that too please. “Here you go Sassy.” Your Kitty is really improving I’m so proud of you!

I finished inspecting, and my person put it up. Then came a long string of things…oh those are the lights.  I inspected the lights one by one. I’ve learned that lights can be very sneaky. Now you listen to me  little lights, don’t you try to pull anything tricky on me. I’m watching you…

Then just as I was inspecting them and giving them a little talk, they turned on me.  Aaaahhhh!!!!  There was a bright flash! Once I got my vision back, I let them have it..

Now I told you, nothing tricky! That’s it I’m going to be watching you. Don’t you try to pull anything else, or you’ll wish you hadn’t!

I went to Stealth Kitty mode, and flattened myself to the ground. My person put them all up on the tree, and you know those light cooperated and didn’t try to pull anything else. Then, my person disappeared for a little bit and came back with some boxes. Now what are those? I tried thinking back to the KGTNH, there were garland, lights, trees,…Oh those must be the ornaments! The KGTNH describes ornaments as little shiny things humans put on the trees.

Shiny they were! I inspected each ornament and watched as she put them up on the tree. You know they were actually really pretty to look at, and so shiny… you kinda couldn’t help but stare…. and the longer you stared…the more I just wanted to touch one, I’m not sure why, but I did….

Just as I was about to touch one…”Sassy, no!” Hmm…what…what happened? ” Sassy, you can’t touch the ornaments. Here, I have one just for you, this one you can touch and play with all you want.”

My person let me inspect that one, and it wasn’t quite as shiny as the others. But then…oh but then… she put it on the tree in front of one of those little lights and it was so shiny!!! I just wanted to sit and stare all day!

This is so pretty and shiny, thank you!  “You’re welcome Sassy, you just sit stare as long as you want.”

I did just that. I stared at that ornament from all different angles: under the tree, in front of the tree, on either side of the tree, and even from on the chair. I was really starting to like this Christmas, it was turning out to be pretty special. I think the tree is my favorite part of all.

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