Perks of the Shop… Part 1-Foam

IMG_3215For some crazy reason my person decided we needed to go to the shop earlier. At first, I did NOT like it! Do you know how hard it is for one kitty to constantly patrol that shop?! I’m pretty sure it should be a five kitty job!

However, It does have it’s perks….

One of these early mornings, as I was doing my usual patrol of  the shop, I spotted this huge pink thing. I ran over to my person…

What is that? Did you put that pink thing there? Who authorized this! No one checked with me. I’ve told you, I have to clear everything in this shop. I have to make sure those shadows don’t come back and get any of you…

As I was telling her, I realized she was on that little thing that humans hold on the side of their face and talk into to. I don’t get the point or purpose of that thing, but anywho, she couldn’t answer my question.

So I ran to the back room.  Jumped up on a table and talked to Shannon. Shannon is always at this machine thing I’ve heard called a sewing machine. I’m not really sure what it is, or why she sits at it. It has this opening that she puts fabric through and it just makes a whole bunch of noise. Like I said, I’m not really sure why we have this noisy thing, but because she sits at it,  I can talk to her pretty easy.  Her Kitty language is coming along pretty good too.

So, like I said, I jumped on the table to talk to Shannon…

Do you know about this pink thing? I tried to ask my person about it and she has that thing up to her face, and who knows how long that’s going to be.

“Morning Sassy, what’s going on?”

The pink thing…do you know anything about it?”

“I’m not sure what you’re trying to tell me.”

Sometimes you just have to show humans instead of trying to speak Kitty…

OK, watch me… I jumped off the table onto the floor, and stood by the pink thing… This, what is it?

“Oh, you found the piece of foam I was saving for you.”

Foam? For me! What is foam?”

“Here, let me show you.”

Shannon picked this “foam” up and set it up on this other huge table we have. I can’t quite jump on it yet, it’s so tall. So I love it when they put me up there. Shannon picked me up and set me on top of the foam…It’s so soft!!!!!

I think I like foam! And  I can see the whole back room from this spot… Person!

My person actually came!

You have to try this foam it’s sooooo comfy. I’m just going to stay here for a while. Can we please make sure this foam doesn’t disappear. Shannon gave it to me, and I love it!!!

“Wow Sassy, look at that. We’ll have to make sure that we put that in a safe spot. That’s what happens when we get to the shop early, you get little presents for being such a good kitty.”

I went over to the edge of the table and gave Shannon a proper lick to say thank you.

Oh thank you, thank you for the foam, I really do love it!




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