Perks of the Shop… Part 2-Pillows

20160914_134132What is a pillow?  That’s what I though when I first the word.  Why is this person buying so many of them! These crazy humans, I don’t know what they’re thinking sometimes.

Maybe you’re a kitty reading about pillows for the first time, let me give you a little bit of advice..don’t judge…those pillows are AWESOME!!!!

Like I said, the first time I heard the word pillow, I had no idea what my person was talking about. All I know is that the customer bought a whole bunch of them. Since this wasn’t the first customer to buy a whole pile of them, I decided to investigate.

What is a pillow? My person, when she was trying to sell pillows, would always go over to the big front window in the shop and pick up these big puffy squarish things… those must be pillows.  Being the good kitty that I am, I decided to investigate.

As official protector of my person and guard kitty of the shop, I need to know about everything in this shop.  I waited till everyone was in the back and then I jumped up on the pillows in front of the window… OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!! No wonder humans are always buying these things. They’re AMAZING!!! 

I must admit, I was so excited about how fluffy and soft they were, I just had to try all of them out! I wonder if we have any of these at home! I must investigate when we get home! I  wanted to ask my person if we could go home now, but I didn’t want to get off the pillows. They were so FLUFFY!!!!

I was really thinking about getting off the pillows when my person caught me, “Sassy, what are you doing?”  What do you mean ‘What am I doing.’ Have you felt these? They’re AMAZING! Do we have these at home?  “Sassy! you can’t be up there. Come on get down, we have to get going home anyway.” HOME! Really! Yes! I want to see if we have these at…” Come on Sassy, we have pillows at home you  can lay on.” WHAT!!! We DO!!!! 

Let’s just say, when we got home, I ran into our house and searched everywhere, and then..oh yes then…I found them on the thing my person sleeps on at night. I jumped on them, laid down, and told my person,  I’m going to… “Sassy, that’s my pillow. Here, You can have this one.” She moved me over to the other pillow that was now mine..Oh thank you! It’ s soooo FLUFFY!!!! I’m just gonna take a little kitty nap here ,ok.



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