Meet…WHAT?!?! (Part 1)

As I’ve said before, I love when my person takes me for a drive in the truck.  I know that some Kitty’s don’t like it, but I actually find it quite soothing and relaxing because, well I don’t actually have to patrol anything. It’s like a little vacation for me.

One day my person and I took another drive, and she told me we were going to Anne’s house. You know, Anne, the one I helped with paper work at the shop. I was pretty excited, I like Anne.

We drove for a little bit and I was able to get a Kitty Nap in, which was totally needed. When I woke up, my person was taking my box out of the truck.

OH is this Anne’s house? I like it! A kitty could really get used to this! I saw a huge yard, and the wind gently blowing. It was so nice! We walked up to the door, and there was a nice place that a kitty could lay and their person could sit. I’m pretty sure this is what Kitty Heaven looks liked.

A smaller person, not Anne, answered the door. “Oh is this Sassy, she’s so cute!” Cute! I don’t know if I like that word “CUTE.” Skillfully trained Stealth Kitty’s like myself, are never “cute!” 

“Oh I think she’ likes me she’s meowing at me.”  I knew it, she doesn’t speak Kitty. Anne speaks Kitty, why don’t you! ” Mom, Sassy’s here.”

We went inside. My person set my box down, and got me out and held me. Mom? what does Mom mean again? I thought back to the KGTNH. That’s right, Anne has the human version of little kittens.

At first I wasn’t sure about Anne’s kitten, but then she started to pet me, and you know…I don’t normally like to be petted, but she petted me the best I’d ever felt.  Ok, I like you and I forgive for calling me cute.

Just then, Anne came into the room. “Hey Sassy, how are you doing?”  Anne!,  I turned  my head to look at Anne, “Sassy, I want you to meet…” WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!

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