Meet…WHAT?!?! (Part 2)

Let me think, where was I at? …..Oh yes… WHAT IS THAT!!!!!

There Anne was, holding this thing. It was tiny. It was actually about my size, but it was not like any Kitty I’d ever seen.

“Hey Sassy, I want  you to meet Chewy.”

What is a Chewy? That can’t be a kitty.  I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, so I just started at it. Trying to figure out what it was. Obviously it wasn’t dangerous, or Anne wouldn’t be holding it. But just to be sure it wasn’t an enemy, I gave it a very slight Kitty growl. Just to let it know that if it tried anything, it would have to deal with me.

It didn’t move at all after the growl. Well, it obviously doesn’t speak kitty. I thought back in my mind to the family dog at my first home. No, it can’t be a dog, they’re supposed to be bigger than kitty’s.

Next thing I knew, my person was putting me on the ground, and Anne was setting Chewy down (whatever it was). I just stared.

“It’s ok Sassy,” my person said.

NO IT’S NOT! Could someone please tell me what this thing is!

“It’s ok Sassy, Chewy’s a Maltese,” Anne said.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t listening to everything she said. I was busy staring it down. What?! It’s a Malt-ball? What in the world is a Malt-ball?!

“Isn’t it nice having a dog that’s your size Sassy? my person asked.

A MALT-BALL is a DOG! What is wrong with you people! You have the strangest names for things. I’ve read the KGTNH many many times, and no where in there is anything about a Malt-ball!

As I was busy staring Chewy the malt-ball down, it started wagging it’s tail. Every animal knows that’s the universal sign for another animal to play. But, I just wasn’t sure about that.

I think I’ll just sit here if you don’t mind Anne. It was very nice that you wanted me to meet your Malt-ball, but I think I’d like to go home. Person, can we go please.

“Come one Sassy, just say hi,” my person said.

I tried to say hi, but then I realized that Chewy didn’t speak Kitty. I only know a few words in Dog, and I’m kinda rusty on that… IT’S MOVING!!! Why is it moving!

I’m kinda ashamed to say, I ran over to my person terrified. And… I might have climbed up her leg. “It’s ok Sassy.” I’m sorry Anne, maybe I should take Sassy home.”

Thank you so much!!!

Anne picked up Chewy and my person, me. I stared at Chewy thinking, I have to contact the Kitty’s who wrote the KGTNH and tell them to add a type of dog to that book. They will never believe me, that there is a type of Dog called a Malt -Ball.

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