Nine Lives and the Light

It all started out like a usual Saturday. We got up a little later than usual, my person got her coffee, and she gave me a little bit of chicken with my breakfast. I don’t know how it is at your house on Saturday’s, but at ours my person put’s her clothes in that big box that makes them wet and then put’s them in the one that makes them dry. She’ll have music playing…I really like when she has music playing… it’s so nice….anywho…Sorry, I’m getting off topic. Where was I ? … oh yes, Saturday mornings. She also will use this thing she calls a vacuum. Apparently this thing’s job is to suck up things on the floor and make a ton of noise while doing it.

One Friday evening after work, I let me guard down a little. My person put this big long thing into the car that she said she had been “saving up for.” To most kitty’s this would be alarming, but not me. While I love my person, she puts the strangest things in her car, especially from the shop. So when she put this long grey thing (that kind of matched my fur color) into the car, I didn’t think to much about it. It seemed normal…for her.

It was on that Saturday morning that I found out just what that grey thing was.

“Alright Sassy, have you inspected the new vacuum? Is it safe?”

I’ve trained you so well. You really are catching on to what my job is. Let me just inspect it real quick.

“This vacuum is a little bigger than the last one, but it shouldn’t make much more noise.”

Ok, well everything seems to be ok on it.  Wait.. what’s….

“Watch out Sassy, I need to get vacuuming.”

I had seen something that looked a little odd to me, and just as I stepped back… AAAHHHH!!!!!

I am ashamed to say, it almost scared one of my nine lives right out of me! As soon as my person turned that vacuum on, a huge light came to get me!

NO! not the light!  Every kitty knows that when you see the bright flash of a light, well…let’s just say it’s not good…you’re down a life.

I’m too young to lose a life! AAHH!!!!!

I ran under the bed quick as a flash. My person turned the new vacuum off.

“I’m sorry Sassy, I didn’t realize the light on the vacuum was that bright. I din’t mean to scare you.”

I poked my head out form under the bed… Wait…You mean that light was just the vacuum? Oh my goodness, I thought I lost a life. It was just a simple light bulb. Whoa. That was a close call. I took a moment to compose myself, then…Just to let that vacuum know I wasn’t scared of it, I marched right over to it and let it have it…as politely as I could.

Excuse me vacuum, in case you didn’t know, that light trick you pulled, well, it didn’t scare me. …Too much.  I’m on to you, and I’m going to be watching you. You are now officially under my surveillance, and you better keep your little light in check…got it?

No response.

Alright, I’ll take your silence to mean you understood my message. Don’t try anything like that again, or this kitty is going to have to get rough with you. OK?


I’m glad you understand.



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