Kitties and Their Imaginations

I don’t know about you, but I love music! My person plays a whole bunch of different things that humans call instruments. Why are they called instruments..well, no kitty really knows – that’s what the KGTNH says.

My person plays this big tall box thing that has like a million and a half black and white things on it. I really like to sit on her lap and listen as she plays it; it almost puts me to sleep some times. One of the other things she plays is called a Villain…no, that doesn’t seem right..Violin..well, I’m not really sure, I know it starts with a V and let me tell you, there are some high notes on it. Humans have strange names for things.

Having said all of that, there’s one other musical thing that I think is my absolute favorite! My person plays this thing that can take you anywhere!!! She uses this small box thing to talk to people on, but she also can make music come out of it. There’s this one particular song she plays that make me feel like I’m a Mountain Kitty protecting my person from bad guys, or that I could take on the whole world and do anything! One day I just couldn’t help myself. I let my imagination get the best of me…

That’s the one, oh I love this song!!!

“You really like this song don’t you Sassy?”

Oh yes I do! What is the name of this music?

“You really like the Magnificent Seven theme song don’t you?”

Well that’s an odd name, but YES!!!!!

I couldn’t help it. My imagination just swept me away to another world….

Up on top of the mountain! Look at that beautiful land below, the water, the trees, just look at that beautiful creation. As I admire the beautiful scenery…Oh No, someone needs help! What is that? OH NO…Run quick go save the person! Giant killer squirrel! Dash down the mountain! The chase is on! You save the person from the giant squirrel, they are so grateful they give you some chicken and you decide to sit, and stay with them for a while. This is the life…but wait…what is that? A MOUSE…GET IT!!!!!  Off you go running through the field leaping over logs…over the crick that no normal kitty could jump over…through the trees…up the mountain…then…you finally catch it!!!! YES!!! You saved the humans again! Home you go…chicken is waiting….and just when you think it’s going to calm down…SHADOW!!!! the chase is on…out the door..up the tree.. over the creek…on top of the roof…ALMOST ..GOT… IT…

WAIT, what just happened, where’d the music go, why am I on top of the chair????

“Sassy, you are a crazy kitty,” my person says laughing.

What do you mean crazy kitty?

“Where you go when you hear that song.”

What do you mean where do I go, I was saving you from the Giant Squirrel, the Mouse and the terrible SHADOWS! I just saved you and all other humans around!

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