As I told you last week, I am a music loving kitty. However, I’m not sure about this thing my person calls “Lessons.” Once a week, my person and I go over to this other place and my person teaches a bunch of little kittens (I mean people) how to play the piano and the violin.

Holy Cow!!!! There’s so many little people to keep track of, it could make a Kitty stress out enough to lose a life! It’s not that I don’t like little people, I do. But I’m only one Kitty how can I keep them all safe. One second they are in one place, then you turn around to check on the other one and that one VANISHED!!!!

I’m only one kitty!!!!!

I talked to my person about this on the way to Lessons one day.

You know I think I may need some back up making sure you and all the little kitties…I mean people..are safe during lessons.

“What’s that Sassy?”

Those little people move so fast and sometimes it’s very hard to hear because, well, I don’t mean to be rude, but the new students on the violin…they sound TERRIBLE!!!!

“Don’t you worry Sassy, everything is going to be fine.”

We went into lessons, but we did something different this time. Instead of the other little kitties staying in the room and me keeping track of them during the lesson, the leader of the little kitties…people (humans call it a Mom), took us into another room and shut the door.

Wait…What’s going on! Where’s my person?!

But then I realized, the Mom was my help! I stopped and listened. I could hear what was supposed to be music. I knew as long as I heard that, my person was ok.

Ok Mom, if you could, you watch one of your little kitties and I’ll watch the other. I know, you may be concerned about the shadows or other terrible things getting your kitty; but I promise you, now that you’re hear, I can handle anything this little kitty…person… does!

I couldn’t believe it; this Mom was a natural! I also think she spoke Kitty! She stayed with the smallest person and I kept an eye on the little bit bigger one. We played with a ball, did tag, and hide and seek. Before I knew it, the music stopped and my person opened the door.

I ran over to her. I just couldn’t believe how well this Mom worked out!

OH thank you!!!!! How we did it today was perfect! No little people ran away and this Mom is great!!!!! Can we get one fore the shop?!

I’ll have to get a letter to the writers of the KGTNH and tell them that if a kitty has a persons who teaches “Lessons” they need to find one of these Mom’s to help with the little kitties…people. A Kitty can really get a whole lot more done with a Mom around.



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