Polite Little Kitties…I Mean People

In the KGTNH and when you go to Kitty School, the #1 thing that is taught, is to treat everyone else the way you would want to be treated. We should be kind and polite no matter how mean the other kitty or person is to us.

I have to remind myself of that quite often, especially when a little kitty ..person, is petting me and they rub my fur the wrong way. Literally, the wrong way.  I know humans don’t always understand, because, well, let’s face it; we kitties have WAY more fur than people do. Do you know how long it takes for a kitty to get her coat looking good in the morning!

Anywho, I wanted to tell you about the most polite little person that ever came into the shop.

It started out as a normal day, with the usual security checks, sneak attacks, and climbing. Then as I was watching from on top of my shelf, a tall person and a little person came in…

“Mom look they have a kitty in here!”

The little boy turned to my person, “Can I pet the Kitty?”

“Sure,” she said

Next thing I knew my person was holding me in her arms and we were walking  toward the little person.

Do we really have to do this? I mean I just finished getting my fur clean and in place and…

“Oh come on Sassy, it’s gonna be ok.”

I began to brace myself as we got closer.  This is going to be bad I just know it! They always rub my fur the wrong way and…

The next thing I knew the little person was petting me, and you know what; he did it the right way!!!!! I laid in my persons arms in shock!

“That’s a really nice Kitty!” the boy said, “What’s it”s name?”

“Her name is Sassy,” my person said. “She must really like you, because she usually doesn’t stay this still when people pet her.”

Well that’s because they normally mess my fur up! This person doesn’t! Can we keep him? Can We!

I was just so excited that this little person knew how to pet my fur, and was doing such a great job, that I decided to just pet him back. I mean, it was the only polite thing a Kitty could do. So I did.

“Look Mom I think she really likes me! She’s petting me back!”

“She is,” the boys Mom said kind of laughing.

I tell you what. You are the most polite little person I’ve ever met. You are welcome back at this store any time you want!

“Can we come back here again Mom? Please, I want to see Sassy again!”

YOU SPEAK KITTY TOO!!!!!!! Yes Mom, please say he can come back here!

“Sure we can.”


To all of you reading this, please take note. Treat other kitties..I mean people the way you would want to be treated…and PLEASE, don’t rub the kitties fur the wrong way!



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