Shadows, Foil, and Fabric…Oh MY! (Part 1)

You remember the dark things…I mean the Shadows and how they were after my person and all at the shop. Well, I thought the Shadows were working alone, and long story short… I was wrong. Yes, I know it’s rare, but even a Kitty can be wrong.

During my morning patrol I saw something shiny over in the corner I hadn’t seen before.

What are you?… Please answer me…. What are you?… I’m warning you shiny thing, this is your last warning. Identify yourself or things are going to get ugly. 

I moved closer toward the shiny thing. When all of a sudden I saw… a SHADOW!!!!!!!

I knew it! You’re working with the Shadows! Shiny thing you will regret this! I will not let you harm my person or this shop.

I ran over to my person to tell her so she could get the others to safety. and she was so calm about it…which was probably good. We would want to cause panic.

“Hey Sassy, did you find the foil?


“Were you showing that shiny foil who’s boss?”

Oh, the shiny stuff is called foil. Yes, I was showing it who’s boss, but I need you to get to safety.

“I’ve got to go help deliver some furniture, so it will just be you and Shannon here ok? I’ll be back.”

You really are getting better at understanding me. Good job person. It will be so much easier to defeat this foil with only one other person here.

They all left and I made sure Shannon was safe. Then…Alright little foil. I know you’re working with those Shadows and I will defeat you. You will not harm these people.

I cautiously approached the foil, I just knew it was ready to get me, but I wouldn’t let it win.

I POUNCED!!!!! It ran….

Not so fast…I …will…. get you!!!

Under the furniture, I swatted at it…under the table…I dove after it…

You will not escape me!!! Come back here!

It was heading toward the front of the shop. I had to get it! What if it had reinforcements that would gang up on me. I couldn’t let it get to the Shadows. They could be anywhere.

Shannon, stay back here, I’m going up front. This could get dangerous.

I stealthily went up front. Remembering my training…Here foil…where are you? … I saw it!

As I approached the foil, I soon realized my greatest fear had come true…




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