Shadows, Foil, and Fabric…Oh MY! (Part 2)

Let’s see where was I…oh yes, my worst nightmare had come true…The Shadows were back and they had teamed up with the Foil and they now had a hostage!!!!

Foil, back away from the hanging fabric…No answer

This is between you and me, well, and the Shadows too, but not the Fabric, it’s innocent…

Or so I thought.

There I was, thinking that the hanging Fabric was a hostage of the Foil and Shadows. Creeping slowly, I was  getting closer to freeing the Fabric. I had the Foil scared stiff. Just as I was about to slap the Foil out of there and free the hanging Fabric…


The Fabric attacked me! It took a second for me to realize what was going on. Oh you sneaky Shadows. You not only enlisted the help of the Foil, but the Fabric too!!!! Those Shadows were sneakier than I thought. I slapped the Foil out of the way sending it to the hills, then I leaped after the Fabric.

I..can’t…believe…it!!!  I said as I leaped  through the air to try and get the fabric to surrender.  WHY! How could you team up with the Shadows and Foil!  The fabric gave no explanation, but continued to fight.

I went at the Fabric from every angle. I could tell I was starting to wear it down, when all of a sudden…PLOP! it fell to the ground in surrender!

Fabric, we’re going to have a chat. You are going to tell me what the Shadows and Foil promised you to turn on me and this shop…

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