“Super Crazy” (Part 1)…

I keep hearing my person talking about how summer is coming and things are going to get “Super Crazy.” I’m not 100% sure what “Super Crazy” means, but, let’s face it, it sounds bad! Since it sounded bad, and after everything that happened with the Shadows recruiting The Foil and Fabric, I decided that I better get down to business and up my training. Those Shadows are pretty sneaky and who knows who else will be recruited to join them. A good kitty must be prepared for everything.

I upped my raining. Instead of climbing the door only a couple of times a day, I upped it to 5…



…and then I worked on jumping down to the floor from the top, instead of climbing down backwards.

Then, I worked on getting through small spaces…


…in case I need to sneak attack someone.

Then I worked on my outdoor surveillance.

20160801_093208 While I was performing my outdoor surveillance..from inside of course… I saw one of the biggest, scariest, things I’d ever seen in my life!

It was at that moment, I’m pretty sure I understood what “Super Crazy” meant…


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