“Super Crazy” (Part 2)

This thing was so ginormous… so huge…I’d never seen anything like it before!  I wasn’t quite sure what it was. It had four legs like me, but obviously was not a kitty.  Maybe a dog? I dashed up to the front to warn my person…

HOLY COW!!!! Do you see that thing out back? It’s HUGE!!!! What is it?! 

She kept typing…

EXCUSE ME! This is a matter of shop security!

Nothing…..Sometimes with humans you have to be really obvious. I jumped up on the desk and stood on top of the work right in front of her.

“Sassy, what are you doing?”

I decided to be ridiculously obvious. I stared at her then at the back door a couple of times…The door..there’s a huge thing out there…WHAT IS IT!!!!

“OH that’s a big German shepherd,” she said.

A what?! A German heifer? Why on earth would there be a cow from “German” in the parking lot…What is  German? Since I used to live in a barn, I knew that  a heifer was a cow, but those German cow’s sure do look STRANGE!!!!

In my experience with cows, you just have to go right up to them and make yourself as big and tough looking as possible. Then they leave.

Off the desk I jumped dashing to the back door…the heifer saw me coming and started to come toward me…Oh no you don’t …I puffed up as big as I could, arched my back, and jumped around as much as I could. 

At first the heifer just stared at me, so I let out a small kitty growl…just to let it know who was boss. I did this for what seemed to be an eternity! Then, the heifer slowly started to move…that’s it..get moving… Oh thank God it’s in it’s car now and leaving!

I stayed there a few more minutes just to make sure it wasn’t coming back. Then I dashed back up front, jumped on my person’s lap and got right in my person’s face so I knew I had her attention.  If that’s what you meant by things are going to get “Super Crazy” around here I may need some help.

“Don’t worry Sassy, that big German Shepard won’t hurt the shop,” she said petting me.

I know, but I think I would still feel better if I had some back up…


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