Kittys…. are a Man's Best Friend (Part 1)

You know that saying that Dogs are a man’s best friend…. you know what I say to that…HOGWASH.  Now, nothing against dogs. I have a  couple of friends that are dogs. However, the dog training schools are no where near the level of the Kitty training schools. Don’t get mad and stop reading my story…I’m just stating fact. For example…Can dogs climb up doors? Can dogs flatten themselves and become stealth dogs? Can they help with paperwork at shops? Or…can dogs catch bugs and spiders in mid air if need be?

My person, I love her very dearly, but she’s terrified of spiders! I mean, she kinda freaks out when she sees one.Since it’s just me and her, I decided to reference back to the KGTNH regarding the issue. It stated that  a kitty must have superior eye paw coordination to catch bugs and spiders. So I began to practice on the weekends.

I began with simple training such as how high could I jump up on the wall, how fast could I dart from one end of our box to the other, etc…

One Saturday, I was laying in the back hallway, guarding the door, when all of a sudden…there it was…a fly.

OK little fly this is nothing personal, I’m going to try to catch you, and then I’ll let you go OK? I promise I won’t hurt you.

I laid there patiently waiting. The KGTNH said patience is the key, and don’t ever take your eye off of the target.

Wait for it….wait….wait….ATTACK!!!!!!!

I leaped into the air, and…not to brag… but in one big mid-air swoop I grabbed it in my paw and gently brought it to the floor. The poor fly must not have heard what I told it…or it only speaks fly. I kept talking to it, to relieve some the shock, and after a few seconds it was fine and flew off.

“Sassy! That was amazing!” my person said.

I didn’t know you were watching.

“IF you could do that for spiders that would be awesome! They scare me so much! Just the other day there was one that was coming after me and at the last minute it darted under the cabinet and I couldn’t get it. I just know it’s going to come back out one of these days.”

Wait…it was chasing you?! Oh …now that spider messed with the wrong person…and Kitty!



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