Kittys…. are a Man's Best Friend (Part 2)

After hearing about the spider that was chasing my person, I was on alert all week. Watching every nook and cranny. Why, that spider might have been drafted by the Shadows. Who knows!  A kitty can never be too careful, especially when their person is concerned.

Then…after a week of being on alert…I was starting to think maybe the spider had moved on when…HOLY COW!!!!

I froze …and stared. So, we finally meet little spider. I’m gonna get right to the point. Are you chasing my person?


Spider, I don’t want to get tuff, but you better answer me.


I decided to  move a little closer, maybe it couldn’t hear me.

Are you chasing my person? Spider…


Then…all of a sudden…my person walked into the room..

“Hey Sassy, what are you doing, huh?

She came closer.

“What’s that you’re….Oh my goodness!!!…Holy Cow!!!”

Then, the spider started to move.

Don’t do it, spider.

It froze!

OK spider, if you are not working with Shadows, I need you to move backwards slowly.

It started to move backwards!!!

OK spider, I see you don’t want to hurt us, so I need you to move backwards even more…very slowly.

My person went into the other room.

Spider listen to me, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll back to your hiding spot and only come out when my person isn’t here.

What happened next astonished me…It scurried back into it’s little spot

My person came back into the room.

“Where’d the spider go Sassy? Did you take care of it for me?”

Take care of it? Why yes I did! Don’t worry person, that spider shouldn’t be bothering you any more.

“Oh thank you Sassy! You’re such a good kitty!”






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