The Grass

REALLY!!!! Twice in one day?!

For the record, I love my person very much, but her ideas are…well…sometimes…NUTS! You remember the Chiwater Choker, aka Leash, right?  Well, after that horrible incident, my person decided that I needed some fresh air.

That’s why I sit in the window, don’t I get enough fresh air that way? 

“Come on Sassy, it won’t be that bad, and you can go into the nice soft grass. It’s so pretty outside today. Let’s put your leash back on.”

WHAT?! No way!

I’m slightly shamed to say, that I might have run like a scared kitty and hid under the bed.


I’m not going.

“Sassy, come on, I bet you might even like it. Come out please.”


“Ok, if you come with me now, I’ll give you some chicken when we come back in.”

Oh,….chicken? How much chicken and is the the white kind? I really like the white kind.

“Sassy, this is your last chance, come right now, or no chicken.”

Ok…I’m coming.

“Good job!!!”

She began to put the torture device on, and I just kept reminding myself, Chicken, there’s going to be chicken.

She then picked me up and we walked outside. It was a gorgeous day outside. I was almost glad she brought me out when all of a sudden hse set me down…

What is this stuff?!

“What do you think of the grass, Sassy?” I froze.

Well, it’s kind of pretty, but why am I in it?

“Come on Sassy, let’s walk.”

I stood there…frozen. There was green as far as I could see. I don’t know if I like this grass. Can we go back inside? I’m really much more of an indoor kitty.

After what seemed like an eternity, my person finally picked me up and we went back inside.

“You know Sassy, outside can really be fun. Who knows someday you might even run through the grass.”

Hahahaha….person, you make me laugh. Now where’s that chicken you promised me…

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