Small Person Training (Part 1)

I love this small person! Do you remember a few times ago I told you about the small person that Iris brought in to help me? She might just be part Kitty. She understands and listens to me so well.

There was one day, that it was starting to get particularly crazy at the shop. I had overheard my person talking with Shannon that we were getting in a whole bunch of what people call cushions. As soon as the small person got there, I gave her a quick briefing of what we needed to do…

First off, let me say, you are amazing! I’m so glad you’re hear to help me!

The small  person just sat there and smiled. I’ve figured out that’s her way of saying thank you.

So, apparently there are going to be alot of what we call “cushions” being delivered here today. Do you know what cushions are?

Small person started to let some water come out of her mouth- aka that means no.

No problem, basically they’re these big soft things that you humans sit on. Well…Kitty’s like them too. Anyway, does that make sense?

Small person started moving toward me (that means yes)…Oh I love it!

Great! So, what I need you to do, is very simple. I need you to be on patrol of the back. I’ll make sure the front is secure. I think these people will come to the back door, but I haven’t heard for sure. Can you do that?

Small person kept moving toward me.

Oh I’m so glad you’re hear!

I went up and began to patrol the front. After patrolling for a little while, I peaked in the back, just to make sure she was handling things. I couldn’t believe my eyes. That small person was so dedicated to her job! She had gone over and  asked her Mom to put her in her little see- through -box with a cushion ( This see -through- box is by the back window. I’m pretty sure she goes in there so she won’t get distracted from her job) She’s the best little Kitty…I mean person.

As I was finishing my patrol of the front, the small person let out her squeal…they were here…

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