Small Person Training (Part 2)

Hello everyone. I know it seems like it’s been forever, so I’ll catch you up on what’s going on…

  1. The small person is AMAZING!
  2. The small person is a big help.
  3. Did I mention she’s the best little Kitty…person.

Anywho…remember last time she was going to help me with the big delivery that was coming…remember?

So…As I was finishing my patrol of the front, the small person let out her squeal…they were here!

I ran to the back room. Sure enough, this ginormous truck had pulled up. They seemed to be setting a bunch of small things out before they were bringing it all in.

Ok, so things are about to get nuts here. As the furniture starts to comes in, I have to inspect each piece. I need you to let me know when each piece comes in. Sometimes I miss some incoming pieces while I’m inspecting others. Does that make sense?

Small person started moving forward (aka yes).


The next thing I new, the back door opened…

Ok, …get ready…here I go!

I dashed off to the first piece, then the second, and the third. Fortunately, the beginning pieces were small and didn’t take alot of time, but then…

Holy COW!!!!!

The small person let out the biggest squeal I think she ever had!

Oh no, here come the big pieces!

That’s when it happened…the small person turned into this high pitched piercing alarm! Which was good…kind of. As I was running around like a “Kitty that had been lassoed,” I was starting to re-think the decision of having the small person let  me know when every piece was coming in. Let’s just say, a few good squeals tuned into the noise that those big red trucks make. My head was starting to hurt.

I think I’ve created a MONSTER!

Oh no!

I ran over to the small person, when my little Kitty ears could hardly take it anymore.

Maybe I shouldn’t have had you let me know about every single piece.

All of a sudden the small person stopped.


I ran over to regroup with the small person..

While you have done good small person, we may need to rethink some of your training….





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