The Ford…The Cord.. The Hard Yarn

Have you ever had something just drove you crazy? Well I certainly have.

For the record, I love our Saturday mornings. We get get to sleep in a little, I usually get a little chicken with breakfast, and when my person isn’t watching I might sip a little bit of that coffee stuff (I LOVE coffee!).

One Saturday, my person was doing stuff outside, so I decided to do the inside security check.  As I went around the room, I saw this long black piece of yarn. Everyone knows that when a Kitty sees a piece of yarn that is an open invitation for play and the absolute destruction of the yarn. Why, you ask…well…it’s fun, that’s why.

Haha, I see you little piece of black yarn, I”m gonna get you when you…least…expect…


I dove into the yarn head first, and wrestled with it (yes, you have to do that first). While I was chewing on it I realized that this yarn was really really hard. I stopped.

What is wrong with you? I didn’t know it was possible for a kitty to scare yarn stiff! I thought that was just some saying. 

That’s when I really began to investigate.  I began to chew on it a little more to figure out how thick it was, how stiff, etc.. and that’s when my person came back inside…

“Sassy! don’t chew on that cord.”

Don’t chew on the Ford? What in the world is a Ford?

“Sassy, drop that cord!”

Wait, there’s a cord here too!?

While I love my person, she can sometimes be very confusing!

By this time, she was over where I was, picking me up.”Sassy we can’t chew on the cords, I don’t want you to get hurt.”

Wait, first I can’t chew on the Ford (whatever that is), then I can’t chew on  the cord, but I’m not chewing on any of those. I was just chewing on the hard yarn. Which brings me to a question for you, where has this been?! It’s fascinating!

She set me down, and went over to pick up the hard yarn.

Oh I see how it is, you just want to play with the hard yarn yourself. 

“See Sassy, this isn’t a toy, it’s the charging cord.”

By now, I was TOTALLY confused! I watched her grab the thing she talks into that talks back to her, I think it’s called a home…no, that’s not right, um…a… phone!!!!

“See Sassy, the cord charges the phone so I can talk into it.”

Let me get this straight, the Ford charges the home so you can talk into it…sure it does. Person, I think you might need some more of that coffee stuff.

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