The Refrigimaker…Refrigamailer

This is AMAZING! You can  see everything!!!! What is this called and when did you put a mountain in our house!!!

Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  I know what your thinking…was it really that exciting? Was it really that big of a deal?  Sassy, aren’t you exaggerating just a little?  Well let me tell you…Yes and NO!!! I mean YES it was really that exciting and that big of a deal and  NO I’m not EXAGGERATING! Have I ever exaggerated to you before! Well, ok maybe just a smidgen…but not this time! Maybe I should start back at the beginning… It all started one morning…

It was a typical morning and I was doing my usual patrol of the house when I realized something was different about the place you get food from. I think my person calls it the kitchen.  Then I saw it…

What is this thing? I asked my person.

No answer.

Person, excuse me, over here. This thing that hasn’t been here before…ummm…..Did you authorize this?

“Hey Sassy, did you see the new refrigerator?”

The refriga -what?

“What do you think  of the new refrigerator?”

My person picked me up.

What is a refrigimaker….refrigamailer?

“See Sassy, it has two doors, here’s the freezer…”


“And here’s the Fridge.”

That’s where you keep the chicken!!!!

But let me tell you, as exciting as chicken is, that was not even the best part…

“I think you’re going to like it Sassy,  ’cause look, you can stand on the top and see all over the house at once.”



OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!! You weren’t kidding this refrigimaker is AMAZING!!!!! It’s like you got me a mountain!!!

I couldn’t believe it! This refidgimailer was going to save me so much time in my morning patrol!!!

I was so excited I leaped from the top of the refrigimaker into my persons arms!

Oh thank you thank you thank you !

“I’m glad you like it,” my person said half laughing.

Person, this truly is one of the best things you’ve ever bought!


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