4th of July (Part 2 – "Fireworms")

Where did I leave off last time? Let me think….Oh yes….

HOLY  BUCKETS!!!!!! WHAT IS THAT!!!!!!!…….

The night sky suddenly got so bright and noisy!

“Oh look at the fireworks!” my person said “They’re so pretty!”

What in the world are FIREWORMS!?!?!


My person came over and picked me up.

“I’m sorry Sassy, did the fireworks scare you?”

Scared…Me…A tough Stealth Kitty Scared!? I wouldn’t use the word “scared” …maybe “startled.”

“Once you get use to the noise, they’re actually really pretty Sas.”

You know what, she was kind of right. Those fireworms are really pretty…and so big!

They’re so very pretty! I want to touch them! Person, can we touch them?!

“What’s that Sassy?”

The Fireworms…Can we touch them?! They’re so bright!!!!

“I don’t think so Sassy…”


“The Fireworks are far away….you don’t want to touch them…That would hurt.”

Let’s be honest, those fireworms were just so pretty that I was only half listening to my person. I had completely forgotten what the KGTNH had warned about not looking at too many bright lights.

I just wanted to jump out of my persons’s arms and run to the lights!





“Sassy do you want a little piece of venison?”

…and just like that…

Wow!!!! what is that AMAZING smell!!!!!

“I thought that would snap you out of it,” my person said kind of laughing.

Wow that venison is so yummy!!!

“I’m glad you like it,” she said with a smile.

So…this whole 4th of July thing.  There’s a ton of noise and bright lights from the fireworms and some amazing food with a really weird name of venison… but over all, it’s pretty fun! I’d do it again!


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