The Strings!!!

Have you have ever been playing along, very nicely, when all of a sudden what you were playing with seems to come alive… and turns on you…and ATTACKS YOU!!!!

Sorry, I got a bit carried away there. Let me just start from the beginning…

We had just arrived home after a long day at the shop. I jumped up on the bed and took a breather…

“Are you tuckered out Sassy?” my person asked.

I sure am.

“Here’s some dinner for you Sass.”

Oh I love food! I dashed down to my bowl.

“I’ll be right back Sass, I left something in the truck.”

My person came back in caring a strange stick with what looked to be some weird yarn on it.

“What do you think Sass? Do you like the strings?”

I jumped back up on the bed so I could get a better look at this thing.

Let me see…what is this weird yarn thing?…

“Do you like the strings? They’re pretty aren’t they?”


I gently batted at them to see they would do..

I like how they swing…AAAHHH

All of a sudden they bounced around!

So you want to play tough do you? I’ll show you tough!

I jumped and grabbed the strings, Swung around to the right …and then to the left…back and forth.

You will not win strings! Don’t you run away from me…Come back here!!!

HAHA!!! Got you!!

All of a sudden my person started laughing.

“Sassy, you make me laugh! You really showed those strings who was boss.”

Of course I did! Did you ever doubt that I couldn’t?

“No, I supoose I didn’t.”



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