Yardsticks (Part 1)

My person has some strange things with strange names at the shop.-pliers, double-sided tape, spray glue, the list could really go on forever.

One of the strange things they use is a long shiny silver thing that is so big it’s about the length of 20 kitty’s lined up in a row. What is it this thing called you make ask…well, my person calls it a yardstick.

My person uses it for a ton of different things. Most of time, she lays it on the fabric…why, I’m not really sure…but she lays it on there,  draws a line, and then she cuts it- the line on the fabric that is, not the yard stick.

Now, I’ve always been a little skeptical of these yardsticks. They seem kind of sneaky to me. I have tried to be a kind, understanding Kitty to them. I have even made an effort to try to figure out what language they speak. I have offered them chicken…only a tiny piece though. I’ve pretty much tried every trick in the litter box to get them to open up, but nothing. So I have figured since they really don’t say a whole lot, they keep to themselves, and they don’t seem to be working with the Shadows, I’ll let them be.

However… I do believe they have and evil cousin, brother, sister, not a twin…something related to them …that could in fact be working with the Shadows….

It had been a regular day at the shop. Nothing too exciting: the usual perimeter patrols had taken place, I climbed the door several times, I had inspected all of the incoming furniture and fabric and I could tell it was getting close to the time we would go home.

My person was by a big table, so I climbed up to ask her when we were going….

“We’ll be heading home in just a minute Sassy.”

Oh good.

“Did you see the new yardstick, Sass?”

What new yardstick?

I looked around the table…there was no shiny stick there…

Person, did you use that funny smelling spray glue again today? There’s no yardstick on the table. You forgot the coffee this morning didn’t you…

Then, I heard something….I looked …there was a long thing on the table like a yardstick, but it wasn’t shiny. I went over to smell it when….


Back… weird long thing…BACK!!!!!




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