Yardsticks (Part 2)

I last left you at….



Back… weird long thing…BACK!!!!!

Now listen here yardstick. I’m willing to forgive this little incident, but if it….aaahhh! I SAID BACK!

I had about had all a kitty could have. How dare this thing come into my shop and start jumping and attacking me! I know it kind of looked like a yardstick, but this was not a normal yardstick. I don’t care what my person said.

  1. It was not shiny like the others.
  2. It was not nice like the others
  3. It definitely did NOT smell like the others.

Ok stick, you need to calm down or else, I’m going to have to get tough! Do you UNDERSTAND?!

For the moment it seemed to calm down just a bit.

I will be right back yardstick…

I jumped off the table. I needed to clear my head. I began to pace a bit.

OK Sassy, let’s think. Why is this stick thing so CRAZY!? Well, it is in a new place. It could have been through a lot to get here… It doesn’t seem to speak Kitty…maybe it just needs to feel welcomed…YES! that’s it! I will calmly and rationally go talk to it. I will welcome it to the shop. I’ll tell it about the other yardsticks and maybe it will feel a little better. Yes, that’s what I’ll do!

I jumped back up on the table and took a different approach. I laid  down for a moment, the universal sign that you are a friend. So far, so good.

Hello there yardstick, I just wanted to say welcome…

It still lay there.

I know it’s probably been a rough day for you, but I assure you, you are going to love this shop.

Still going good…

Just then I heard, “Sassy, you ready to go home?”

My person came over to the table. “How’s it going with the yardstick Sassy?”

Well, it seems to be going a little bit…

I saw it start to move. Next thing I know it was LUNGING AT ME!!!

That’s IT! no more nice Kitty!!!!

I pounced on the yardstick. You have some serious explaining to do yardstick. I will not stand for this kind of behavior in my shop!


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