Interrogate! (Part 2)

OK Yardstick, you’re gonna tell me what’s really going on here….


I mean it! You’re  gonna tell us why you’re here and what those Shadows want you to do!

Nothing. NO movement. Nothing at all.

I looked over at the small person, she was doing a great job, she was staring that yardstick down like the best little kitty…I mean person.. I had ever seen.

At this point the yardstick hadn’t moved for about 2 minutes. I knew we were good interrogators, but I was beginning to think we had scared the thing to death! (Don’t tell anyone I though that)

Just about the time I thought we might have went a little too far, My Person and Iris came into the back room where we were.

“Ok, Sassy, you ready to go home?”


I had been focused on the Yardstick, so I hadn’t really heard My Person. I began to look up at my person when all of a sudden…


The Yardstick broke it’s silence and started to leap after me ,  the Small Person, and even Iris! I leaped into action like any good Kitty would do! I leaped into the air as high as I could…

You will not hurt these people! I yelled as I land on top of the yardstick with such precision that the writers of the KGTNH would have been so proud.

“Good Job Sassy!” my person said, “You sure showed that yardstick who was boss.”

Thank you person, but there’s no time for flattery right now. We need to put this yardstick somewhere it won’t cause trouble overnight.

“How about I take that yardstick and put it in the closet for tonight?”

That would be perfect…Thank you!  Make sure you lock it please. Wouldn’t want that thing getting out and causing trouble…

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