Theodore Kitty School and the KGTNH

I overheard my person talking about how many of you kitties…I mean people… are heading back to school. I’m not 100% sure what it is people study in their schools; I only know there is a small mention of it in the KGTNH and something to do with lunch. Anywho… I know there have been some questions about the KGTNH.  Some have asked what it is.

I assume in people’s school that they use some type of book to teach out of. You know, something to teach you what to do in different situations, etc..well, that’s what the KGTNH is.

The KGTNH stands for the Kitty Guide To a New Home. That is the only book used at the Theodore Kitty School. What is the Theodore Kitty School you ask…well that’s the school I graduated from. Yes, I was one of the top graduates of the Theodore Kitty School. I went all the way through the school and then went on to the Stealth Kitty program, and graduated at the top of my class there- in record timing too.

The KGTNH taught us many things, such Math…Every Kitty needs to be able to calculate how high things are, how wide…long… All to make sure they can protect their person.


Have you seen some of the things my person brings into this shop? I use so much math it’s ridiculous!

Then there’s important life lessons… like always clean your bowl…


We should never be wasteful.

Another part of the stealth program is PE…Person Evaluation. This is mainly done from the shadows…you can learn more that way…


Then theirs the most important rule of all…To always be there for your person. You see, sometimes, your person is going to have a bad day, and the best thing for them is to have a kind, loving face to see…


The KGTNH is not 100% sure why, but 99% of the time they say it cheers your person up instantly.

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