As a Stealth Kitty, there isn’t a ton of time for games, but every once in a while things do slow down and my person play this game she calls “Tag.” Let me tell you, I was a little skeptical at first….but it’s the funnest thing EVER!!!!!

It all started one Saturday….

“You can’t get me Sassy…” my person said to me.

What do you mean I can’t get you? Of course I can get you.

“Come on Sassy, it’s a game you have to come after me and tag me.”

Tag, what does Tag mean?

“Ok Sassy, this is how you play the game. I run, then you chase after me. Once you get really close to me, then you tap my leg.”

Ooooh, so when I tap  your leg that’s the “tag” part?

“Come on, let’s try.”

My person took off running!

“Come on Sassy! You can’t get me!

Oh yes I can!!!

I dashed down the hallway, screeched around the corner, and cornered her in the bedroom. She tried to trick me on which way she was going to run. Then, I leaped at her leg!

“Hahahahaha!!!! Sassy, you don’t hug my leg!” my person said laughing at me, “you just tap it.”

Well, I wanted to make sure you knew that I tagged you. 

“You definitely got me.”

I’m not sure how long we ended up playing, but I really really really like this game!

In my expert Stealth Kitty opinion, every Kitty and Person really needs to play “Tag.”



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