The Floo’s…or maybe it’s Flies (Part 1)

Part of being a good Stealth Kitty is being patient.Sometimes you have to be very patient especially when it comes to the annoying Floo’s or maybe it’s  Flies. Yes, I’m pretty sure you humans call it Flies. They are pesky little  buggers that drive me crazy!!!! Well at least at first they did.

My favorite place to make sure the house is secure  is in the window. A nice big window.

As I was sitting there one day this small black thing flew down close to my face…

What in the world?! What was that?

All I could here was this strange buzzing.

Where is that coming from?

I looked around and around, then all of a sudden I saw a quick flash of black.

Whoah! What was that?

All of a sudden the small black thing landed and I  got a good look at it.

I went over and stared at it. It had the weirdest eyes I had ever seen in my life! It sat there very calmly while I look at it. When I wasn’t sure what it was, I asked it..

Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, or nosy, but what are you?

“Izzz’m a Flyzzz.”

A what?  It had the weirdest accent I’d ever heard.

“Izzz’m a Flyzzz.”

You’re a Floos?

“No, “Izzz’m a Flyzzz.”

Oh a Fly?


Well at least it was very polite, and seemed nice. I decided, that since it seemed so nice and polite, I would ask it if it wanted to play…

Hey, you want to play a game?

“Zzzure, whazz iz it?”

It’s this very fun, easy game my person told me about called Tag….



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