The Floo’s…or maybe it’s Flies (Part 2)

Let’s see, where was I at? Oh yes, I was teaching a fly how to play tag…

“Whazzz it called?” The Fly asked me.

It’s called Tag.


No Tag. It’s this game my person told me about, and it’s actually quite fun.

“Howzz it played?”

Well, there’s a person who’s ‘It’… That’s the person that does the tagging.

“Anz whazz the other person do?”

Well the other person runs, or…uh..flies in your case. Once the person who’s It has caught up with the other person, they are supposed to ‘tag’ or tap the person they have been chasing.

” Thazzz soundz like it couldzz be funzzz.”

It really is! Do you want to try?


Ok, do you want to be ‘It’ the first time?


Here I go!

I raced down the hallway at stealth like speed, the fly, right on my tail. Next thing I knew, I was skidding into the bedroom.

Ahhh! wood floor!!!! wood floor!!!!

I tried hard to stop, but I just couldn’t. Thankfully my person was in the middle of making the bed and had left a big fluffy pillow on the floor.


At last the fly caught up with me.

“Tazzz you’re ‘It’ now.

Alright Fly, here we go.

I took after the fly. I will admit he was pretty good at this. He flew back down the hall heading for the kitchen. I just about had him…

I’m gonna get you Fly!

Just then I made leap to tag but the fly, but I might have leaped too much…

“Look at you Sassy, you are a pest control Kitty, catching those flies like that,” my person said.

Ahhhhh! oh no!!!! 

I was afraid I had smashed the poor little fly! I immediately jumped off.

Are you OK!?!?! Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry….


Please little Fly say something! Please….

Just as I was about to give up…

“Wowzzzz that was kind of fun!!!!”

Oh You’re Alive!!!!! I was so afraid I had squashed you!

“Ohzz no, I’m a pretty tough fly.”

I’m not quite sure how long we played tag, but we both had so much fun, we decided to just keep going and going and going and going…..













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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