The Leaves part 2


Well, I guess doesn’t  seem too cold…OK let’s go out. I really want to see those leaves!

“Come here Sassy, let’s put the leash on you.”


“Oh stop being such a baby, it’s just a leash. It’s not going to hurt you.”

HMMMMM…OK if I must.

As terrible as that leash is, I was willing to suffer, to go outside. Yes, the leaves are that GORGEOUS!

Anywho…My person and I went outside. She opened the door, down the steps I went. As soon as I stepped on the concrete I realized that my definition and my person’s definition of  cold are two COMPLETE different things!!!!!


I was just about to wiggle out of my person’s arms and run for the house, when I saw the most beautiful little yellow leaf fall right in front of me. It gently floated down so gracefully and smoothly …I’ve got to touch it!

My person set me down and I walked over to the little leaf.

“What do you think Sass?”

Oh my goodness it’s so smooth!

As I admired the gorgeousness of the leaf, my person said.

“Sassy, look over there.”

I turned to look and I think I almost had a kitty heart attack!!!!! Over in another part of the yard was an entire MILE HIGH PILE of LEAVES!!!!!!!


I ran over like, you see small humans do, and I leaped into the middle of the leaves! I sunk down into the pile and I was surrounded by beautiful yellow.  I then tunneled out of the leaves and saw my person smiling at me.

I ran over to her and leaped onto her leg!

“Sassy! What are you doing?”

She pulled me up off her leg.

OK, I totally forgive you about cold! These leaves are the BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!

“I’m so glad you like them,” she said laughing. ” Go on, go play in them some more.”

I leaped out of her arms, ran over to the pile, jumped in it, and rolled and rolled and rolled all over in it!



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