NO!…Not all wool is the same.

One of the things about being a good Stealth Kitty is continued “on-the-job training.”  I am continually learning about pillows, furniture, and those things that humans hang from windows…what are they called…oh yes, drapes. But, my most favorite thing of all is the different fabrics!

There is this one in particular that my person calls Wool. Now, a kitty…person..well or both…might say that wool is wool, it’s all the same. You know what I say to that?

NO! Not all wool is the same!

Most wool I find is very scratchy and to be honest it smells really weird. I don’t like it one bit.

However, there’s this one kind that I overheard Shannon call Pendleton Wool…..


“Here’s some of the Pendleton scraps,” Shannon said to my person.

“Oh my goodness, she’s going to LOVE these, especially since it’s getting colder out, Sassy come here.’ ”

I came running into the back room.

Yes, you have some fabric that needs inspected?

“Hey Sass, what do you think of this?”

I went over and carefully sniffed it…Oh that smells good! Can you set it down on the ground for a second?

I went over and laid on it.

OH my goodness! Sooooo soft! What is this? and can I have it?!

“What do you think if I made a kitty’sized blanket out of it?”

My very own blanket???? Oh I would LOVE that!!!! It would keep me so nice and warm on those cold days and when the white stuff falls….Oh I can’t wait!!!!!

This Pendleton Wool was so soft and smelled sooooo good! I have to contact the Kitty’s that wrote the KGTNH and tell them to include a section about this Pendelton Wool and that it has been Kitty tested and approved!

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