The Perfect Nap Spot

Yes, you read that right, The Perfect Nap Spot. Every Kitty…and person, needs to have a great nap spot. Now some of you  may be wondering, why would a nap spot be so important. Well to be honest I’m not 100% positive why it is..I just know it is.

I tried many places both at home and the shop. First I tried Anne’s chair…


It was very comfortable, but there was one downfall…sometimes you would wake up a little bit cold.

I tried some cushions that were lying around the shop…


But they were not soft enough at all.

When we went home I tried one of my persons blankets….


It was so nice and warm and fluffy, but it was a bit too warm.

I decided to try one more place. My person had laid this fluffy thing in front of the box that has warm air…and oh my goodness…


It was the PERFECT nap spot!!!!!

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