BEST TOY EVER!!!!!! (Part 1)

It all started one day at the shop, when Shannon’s sister walked in…

I had been up in the front of the shop inspecting the new furniture that came in when all of a sudden, I heard the back door open. I dashed and slid (this real fake wood floor- that’s what my person calls it- is so much fun to run and slide on!) all the way to the back room. In walked Shannon’s sister. I like it when she comes; sometimes she even gives me a little bit of chicken! Note to all humans… well, everywhere… the way to make friends with a kitty is to give us chicken. Anywho, I’m chasing a squirrel…Oh yes, Shannon’s sister…

“Hey Sassy, guess what…”


“I bought something for you!”

You DID!!!!

“I saw this at the store and I just had to get it for you.”

She went out to her truck, and grabbed the weirdest thing I had ever seen. She came back in with a bag that had this weird green furry thing hanging out of it.

What is that? I’ve never seen anything like that?

She set the bag down and pulled out this long stick that had a long green fluffy thing hanging off of it. What happened next….it….well…she set it down on the floor and as soon as it touched the floor it came to LIFE!!!!!!!


I leaped after the green fluffy thing that was trying to get me! I pounced on it, quickly rolled over on my back, held it with all fours and began to kick at it….and do you know what it did?! DO YOU! It began to….FLY!!!!

I let go in disbelief…

This isn’t a bird…is it????

I watch as it landed back on the floor, in utter disbelief!

I ran over to Shannon’s Sister….

What is this Fantastic THING!!!!!!!!


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