BEST TOY EVER!!!!!! (Part 2)

I know it’s been  a bit, and there’s been a lot of food between now and the last time I wrote. I hope each and everyone of you had a great Thanksgiving…I know I did!



Anywho…let’s see I left off with…what was it? Oh yes, the green fluffy thing….


I ran over to Shannon’s Sister….

What is this Fantastic THING!!!!!!!!

I just had to inspect it again! I ran over to it laying on the floor. It was very long, and it appeared that there was a bunch of feathers all stuck together on a string. The colors though…there was just something about all the pretty colors on it. I just wanted to stare at them FOREVER!!!!!

As I was staring at it, it came to life again!!!

AAhhh…no one don’t come back here! I’m going to get you!

Up in the air I jumped ! High as I could!

Come back here!

It flew up to the front room.

I will get you! I yelled as I slid up to the front room after it.

I watched very carefully as it swayed through the air.

Where are you going?

All of a sudden, it landed on the pillows..ATTACK!!!!

I leaped up onto the pillows and grabbed the fluffy thing with all four paws. It was so soft and fluffy I just had to hug it!

“Well it looks like you really like that Sassy?” Shannon’s sister said laughing.

Are you kidding me?! This is the BEST TOY EVER! Thank you so much for getting this for me!!! It’s almost better than Chicken!

Yes, you read that right, this toy is almost better than chicken!

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